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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Well here it is, my new website. 

It's pretty exciting and scary and maybe a bit overwhelming but thankfully I have a glass of red wine in hand and the comfy spot on the couch. I can do anything.

My website is all about my art. Simple.

My blog will be all about... well maybe that's not so simple.

It'll probably be about what I'm feeling that day and what lies ahead and what grabs my attention and how much I love Jimmy Fallon and how much I hate cleaning the bathroom and how much my family rules but mostly it'll be about my art.

My process. My ideas. My failures. My successes. My doubts. My dreams. (like my dream of having Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake come over for pizza and beer and perform ALL 6 of the 'History of Rap' for us. so dreamy right?)

I should probably continue getting my site all ready but I kinda have a feeling I'm about to watch the History of Rap instead.

again. for the millionth time because it's awesome.



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