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Three Cheers for Taking Chances Again!

Posted by Tracy Risinger on

Truth be told, I feel kinda rusty, like I'm coming out of hibernation and brushing off the dust and cobwebs because it has been FOREVER since I've written a blog post. Do I even remember how to do it? Who knows, I'm just typing words and hoping a few of them will make sense ;)

Last year, I cancelled my website, mostly because I didn't really think anyone actually saw it, I doubted myself. The funny thing is... the first few days after I cancelled it, I received emails and facebook messages asking where it went. I should've just put it back online right then but I didn't. I took a break. It was a break from worrying about shipping costs and worrying about packaging, it was a break from worrying about creating blog posts and trying to make time to improve my product shots but most of all, it was a break from worrying about making mistakes.  

But it also meant I was missing out on the satisfaction of working on something that I loved with my whole heart. I was missing out on connecting with new people and that's just no fun at all. Connection is everything.

And that's why I've got my website up again and I'm working on this blog post right now.

It means, of course, that I have to 'effort' again. I have to make decisions and do some research and just 'try things out'. I have to wing it and make mistakes and then learn from them. I have to put myself out there and just hope that someone is out there, appreciating it.

So here I am, again. And if feels so good and a bit scary but mostly it just feels right because I love to paint and I love connecting with people and having this website helps me do both. WootWoot!!

I'm sitting here on my couch in my pyjamas, I have a big smile on my face, a little adrenaline running through my system and I say three cheers to taking chances again!



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Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Posted by Tracy Risinger on

A lot of change is happening in my life right now.

The biggest change is that my daughter isn’t home, she’s living in Ireland for 7 months.

7 months!

and one of my best friends is moving away to Italy… for a year.

A year!

and my sweet little office day job is about to grow and get busier.

so it feels like every part of my life, is changing. 

My home life, my work life and my personal life.

All changing.

oh and on top of everything, i’ve been sick.

Like knocked off my feet-haven't showered in 3 days-not sure I'll ever have the energy to stand up again-sick.

that’s a lot right?

And for the past few days I’ve been resisting most of it.

Trying to pretend like I can somehow stop all the change or somehow make it feel like

it’s not that big of a deal because deep down, I don’t want change yet.

I’m just so comfortable with everything and comfortable is lovely.

Comfortable seems safe and warm and cozy. 

Ahhhh safe. The funny thing about safe and comfortable is that it can trap you into feeling a false sense of contentment.

Because it’s easy. and don’t we all love easy sometimes? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

So yesterday, after sending my friends a little ‘feeling sorry for myself’ message, my friend Pili told me something. 

She said ‘Be comfortable with the uncomfortable’ 

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Is that even possible? 

I have been thinking about it non-stop. Trying to make sense out of it because I had this feeling that if I could just actually understand how to do that, I just might be able to get through everything. and maybe even with a smile on my face.

Maybe it means that instead of resisting change, you go with it. Be open and trust in the universe. I know that a lot of change is what led me to my life now and I love my life now. So why shouldn’t I trust that even better things may lie ahead with even more change? 

Because growth doesn’t happen in comfortable.

Because big things don’t happen in comfortable.

Because maybe, just maybe, really REALLY good things come of big change.

It’s happened before.

and I think it’s happening again.

If I trust.


so today... I’ve stopped resisting.

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Learning SEO, even if I don't want to.

Posted by Tracy Risinger on

This painting hangs in our front entrance way. I see it every time I open my front door and THAT makes me so happy.

It represents different things to different people but to me, it represents my family. 

and it's a very good reminder of why I love to paint because right now I'm reading about SEO and it's pretty boring and totally intimidating BUT it's so important so even though I'd rather be doing 'anything else but' I'm continuing to learn this... because making art and sharing my art and selling my art is my DREAM BIG goal/focus/future and i'm not going to let a little intimidating seo scare me away.

If you have a DREAM BIG goal/focus/future, face those things that are intimidating you, be freaked out, be bored but don't let it scare you away, or deter you or talk you out of doing what you love because my guess is, it's what's going to help you get to the next level of that dream.

and that makes it totally worth it. 

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Happy Victoria Day!

Posted by Tracy Risinger on

I woke up this morning at 6:15 am because I realized that I didn't have a contact page on my website.


6:15 on a holiday morning?

The really embarrassing thing about that, is yesterday I reminded my husband over and over again to turn off his phone alarm, just so I could ensure we could sleep in this morning.


So here I am, wide awake, with my laptop making updates to my site.

and I'm loving every minute of it :)

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My First Post

Posted by Tracy Risinger on

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Well here it is, my new website. 

It's pretty exciting and scary and maybe a bit overwhelming but thankfully I have a glass of red wine in hand and the comfy spot on the couch. I can do anything.

My website is all about my art. Simple.

My blog will be all about... well maybe that's not so simple.

It'll probably be about what I'm feeling that day and what lies ahead and what grabs my attention and how much I love Jimmy Fallon and how much I hate cleaning the bathroom and how much my family rules but mostly it'll be about my art.

My process. My ideas. My failures. My successes. My doubts. My dreams. (like my dream of having Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake come over for pizza and beer and perform ALL 6 of the 'History of Rap' for us. so dreamy right?)

I should probably continue getting my site all ready but I kinda have a feeling I'm about to watch the History of Rap instead.

again. for the millionth time because it's awesome.



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